La Quincaillerie: from hardware store to wonderful brasserie

Did you know that the name of our brasserie, "La Quincaillerie," comes from the French word for hardware store? This is a nod to the past of our beautiful building, which once served as a hardware store on Rue du Page in Brussels. The building was designed by a student of the famous Belgian architect: Victor Horta.

Once, it was a hardware store where you could find all sorts of tools, screws, and bolts. In the past, a hardware store had an important place in the community. The local population could go there for all sorts of household items and building supplies. You could say it was a kind of supermarket before its time.

Today, the hardware store has been transformed into a beautiful brasserie. We have made sure that many original elements have been preserved, such as the authentic cabinets and wall racks. Now, you can enjoy a delicious meal in the midst of this unique atmosphere. The art nouveau interior alone is enough to make you want to visit us.

Our brasserie is not only a great place to eat but also an ideal base to explore the neighborhood around ‘Place Chatelain’. Here you will find many specialty shops and nice boutiques, all of which contribute to the lively atmosphere of the district. And if you are interested in the architecture of Victor Horta, the Horta museum is nearby and definitely worth a visit.

We hope to welcome you soon to our brasserie and let you enjoy the unique atmosphere of our historic building and the delicious dishes of our honest cuisine.

Horta museum