Brussels band 'The Daring Man' chooses La Quincaillerie as filming location for new music video

Cédric Heyraud and Grégoire Auclerc-Galland, the talented musicians behind the Brussels rock band "The Daring Man", have chosen our brasserie as the filming location for their latest music video, called "Out Of Place". The duo shares a deep passion for timeless rock music. Cédric and Grégoire's melancholic tones catapult you back in time and let you enjoy pure nostalgia.

Our brasserie, La Quincaillerie, is an impressive building with a beautiful art nouveau interior. It used to be a hardware store and many of the authentic elements have been preserved. It is therefore a great honor that our brasserie has been chosen as a filming location. We are delighted to have been able to provide our space for young musical talent from our own country.

We invite you to sit back, watch the music video, and let yourself be transported through time while enjoying the music of "The Daring Man". Don't forget to admire the beautiful details of our art nouveau interior.

Watch the video